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Providers of utilities cannot afford downtime, interruptions to electricity, gas and water supplies are simply not acceptable. It’s also a competitive world, people want and regulators require greener production of a better service, at lower cost. We are active helping clients in the electricity, gas and water industries to prevent outage of their critical assets, monitor water quality and gas pressure, and ensure continuous service with high quality and minimum wasted resources.


Critical asset condition monitoring services for utilities

There are times when you simply can’t afford to risk a breakdown. Delivering vital services like water and energy to homes and businesses is one of them. Temperature, vibration and energy consumption are leading indicators of potential failure. We monitor these and using our extensive experience, can set up an alerts system to ensure key staff are warned of potential problems well in advance. What’s more, innovative remote monitoring lets you reduce your routine maintenance costs by focusing engineering resources where they are needed and not on unneeded servicing.


Save money

Target your maintenance on at-risk assets and avoid unneeded routine services.

Immediate ROI

Our service model means you get the benefits of Internet of Things technology without the upfront investment.

24/7/365 monitoring

On a scale impossible to deliver manually. Our services will have you covered, however large or complex your site.

Avoid outage of key assets

Predict and pre-empt potential failures with trend tracking and up-to-the-minute readings. SMS or email alerts sent to key staff to trigger response.

Proven, experienced partner

We monitor critical assets for numerous utility partners including the National Grid, so you can rely on us.

Get the whole picture

Our platform allows you to see, easily and simply, the operational condition of all your critical assets and systems.

Energy monitoring for utilities

Our smart energy monitoring services provide end-to-end usage monitoring and billing-grade metering. Smart energy monitoring services use sensors and meters to collect gas and electricity consumption data, and communicate it wirelessly to the cloud. You can see real-time information or use the historic data for trend analysis – in the level of detail you please – with our user-friendly dashboards. This greater understanding of usage patterns can help you – and your customers – reduce consumption, saving on cost and carbon.


Complete clarity

Understand energy consumption in more detail than ever before, allowing incredibly accurate billing.

No more meter readings

Imagine the savings with no need for reminder prompts or manual visits for reads.

Reduces carbon footprint

Better visibility leading to reduced energy consumption and less carbon in our atmosphere.

Reports on all utilities

Get the bigger picture with auditable records of electricity and gas usage.

Minimal disruption

Our services are designed to retrofit, and can be installed with ease.

Legionella monitoring for utilities

The IoT provides reliable legionella monitoring with no delays in services. We can help you remotely track temperatures in all water systems to keep everything within safe levels. A digital record shows when each tap or recording point achieved the compliant temperature. Our software dashboard highlights any non-compliant points and sends alerts wherever you need them by email or SMS. It’s an incredibly efficient way to keep the threat of Legionnaires at bay, whilst saving you time and money.


Proven, experienced partner

We deliver this service across every sector.

Automated compliance

Be confident that your estate meets legionella monitoring requirements for HSG274 Part 2 compliance regulations.

Minimal disruption

Our services are easily installed with minimal disruption, thanks to our wireless monitoring capabilities.

Safer for all

The system is is more effective than manual checks, and cuts out the potential for human error.

Save cost and effort

No more endless engineer visits or paper files, let the tech do it for you with an automated, digital Legionella Log.

Reduces carbon footprint

Less wasted water and engineer travel, simply monitor remotely.

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