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Whether your sector is pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food manufacture and retail, or pubs and leisure reliable refrigeration is critical. But you also need to be confident that your fridges are performing as they should. Enter the Internet of Things. Our fridge monitoring services are proven and widely used, providing peace of mind, preventing problems.


Fridge monitoring services

When you rely on effective temperature control, Invisible Systems puts you in control. Whether your business is healthcare, food or leisure, our refrigeration monitoring service can be configured specifically for you. We monitor your fridge temperatures and create a digital compliance record. Any breach of your desired range is immediately picked up and the relevant operatives are alerted by text or email to take action.

Forget the days of spoiled stock and time consuming temperature checks. Our sensors are always working inside your fridges and cold stores.They free up your staff time from recording temperatures and also monitor the condition of your refrigeration plant and machinery, giving advance warning of potential mechanical failure. This lets you save cost on routine maintenance rotas and focus resources on potential failure risks.


No wasted stock

Immediate alerts allow your team to act and prevent stock loss and more important - business interruption.

24/7/365 assurance

Be confident that your products are stored or manufactured within safe temperature ranges.

Early warning

Set parameters so you know instantly if something’s wrong, and can act before critical temperatures are reached.

Reduced cost

Reduce cost of preventive maintenance rotas with predictive monitoring, so you can focus engineering resources on potential problem areas.

Automated compliance

No more labour intensive human checks, no more paper records - save time, and reduce errors with automated digital records.

Reduced carbon footprint

No need for operatives to attend all parts of the estate for legionella monitoring visits.

Cool store and refrigerator temperature monitoring evolved

Upgrade to an IoT fridge temperature monitoring service for robust compliance, peace of mind, and less waste. Human error is no longer a worry, and your people focus on more valuable tasks: why waste the qualified staff on monotonous, manual error-prone checks, when they could be busy building your business.

Save on expensive maintenance contracts with ‘always-on’ fridge monitors, and even get peace of mind from simple errors like doors left open, powercuts and loss of pressure. Installation is designed with retrofitting in mind, so it causes minimal disruption. Even in complex situations, we can usually get you set up in just days, agreeing requirements, installing and training your team with a more evolved fridge temperature control system.

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