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As medicine advances, so must the systems that support its delivery. Modern drugs, research material, and pharmaceutical products need to be stored within specific temperature ranges. Compliance is vital – for patient safety, legal liability, and reputation. So how can you be sure that you’re on the right side of the law?


Temperature monitoring for for pharma, healthcare and medical research

Invisible Systems uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to deliver powerful, reliable remote temperature monitoring services for the pharma sector. Sensors automatically monitor drug storage cabinets, providing a verifiable time-stamped digital record of temperatures so that you can demonstrate compliance. Any breach of your desired range is immediately picked up and the relevant operatives are alerted by text or email to take action. As well as freeing up your staff time from recording temperatures, our service can also monitor the condition of your refrigeration plant and machinery, giving advance warning of potential mechanical failure.


Automated compliance

No more labour intensive human checks, no more paper records - save time, and reduce errors with automated digital records.

Patient safety

Pro-active alerts ensure that your team can prevent temperatures breaching critical levels, and so safeguard patient well-being.

No wasted stock

20% of drugs and temperature-sensitive pharma products are ruined because of avoidable cold-chain errors. Immediate alerts allow your team to act and prevent stock loss.

24/7/365 assurance

Be confident that your products are stored or manufactured within safe temperature ranges.

Reduced cost

Reduce cost of preventive maintenance rotas with predictive monitoring, so you can focus your maintenance teams on potential problem areas.

Legionella monitoring for pharma, healthcare and medical research

Compliant legionella logs – and enhanced safety standards – become simple when you put the Internet of Things to work. Protect everyone on your premises from the risk of Legionnaires disease by remotely tracking temperatures in your water system to keep everything within safe levels. A digital record shows when each tap or recording point achieved the compliant temperature. Our software dashboard highlights any non-compliant points and sends alerts wherever you need them by email or SMS.


Automated compliance

With our digital temperature records you can be confident that you meet legionella regulations for HSG274 Part 2 compliance regulations.

Minimal disruption

Our services are easily installed with minimal disruption, thanks to our wireless monitoring capabilities.

Proven, experienced partner

We deliver this service across every sector, from housing to industry.

Save time, cost & effort

No more manual site visits or running of taps.

Reduces carbon footprint

No need to waste water or send operatives across the estate for legionella monitoring visits.

No more paper

Let the tech do it for you with an automated, digital Legionella Log.

Energy monitoring for pharma, healthcare and medical research

Whether you’re developing new medications, manufacturing essential pharma products or on the front-line delivering healthcare, reducing energy waste makes sense. Smart energy monitoring means using sensors and meters to collect gas and electricity consumption data, and communicate it wirelessly to the cloud. This provides real-time information or use the historic data for trend analysis – in the level of detail you need – with our user-friendly dashboards. What’s more, the service is designed to be easily retro-fitted, which means minimal disruption.


Reduces carbon footprint

Better visibility and cost allocation changes behaviour, leading to reduced energy consumption and less carbon in our atmosphere.

Complete clarity

Understand energy consumption across your organisation and make savings.

Re-allocate energy costs

Sub-metering services allow you to divide energy bills and re-allocate cost between departments.

Proven, experienced partner

We deliver this service across every sector, from housing to manufacture.

Reports on all utilities

Get the bigger picture with auditable records of electricity and gas usage.

Minimal disruption

Our services are designed to retrofit, and can be installed with ease.

Waste and recycling monitoring for pharma, healthcare and medical research

Our Internet of Things (IoT) commercial waste management services provide an end-to-end monitoring and alerting solution for waste and recycling. From intelligent waste bins that tell you when they are full to temperature sensors that flag when temperatures are dangerously high, waste management is smarter than ever before.


Reliable digital compliance

Auditable digital records that validate and alert on solid and liquid waste (pH, temperature and discharge volume by m3 flow).

Environmentally friendly

Better insight into waste can help you plan and implement reduction strategies, while live data stops wasted journeys.

Improved efficiency

User-friendly dashboards and alerts when critical levels are reached let you reduce unneeded collections and increase effort in heavily-used areas.

Easy data analysis

Use our intuitive software, analyse current and historic data, to make informed decisions across sites and organisations.

24/7/365 alerts

Our recycling and waste management sensors alert you instantly to critical issues.

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