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Don’t waste time, energy and money treating all spaces equally when you can focus your resources where they’ll make most impact. Occupancy services like innovative Person in Room (PiR) reporting empower you real-time insight into how people use spaces, so your facilities can be booked, cleaned, heated and maintained more efficiently.


Occupancy monitoring services

The logic is simple – yet revolutionary. The thoughtful installation of PiR sensors and door motion detector sensors and wireless communication devices in your building turns bricks and mortar into an intelligent building or estate. Every sensor reports back to a user-friendly software dashboard, which you can log into on desktop or on your devices.

Suddenly you have the power to understand exactly how your spaces are being used. Track macro and micro trends, with the ability to focus in incredible detail. With this kind of powerful insight, you can deploy your resources with more intelligence and encourage balanced use of space in shared areas. There are also potential environmental benefits, discussed below.


Complete clarity

Understand how your buildings are used, right down to a desk-by-desk level.

Maximise room revenue

Optimise space management with real-time visibility of space utilisation and availability.

Smart maintenance

Use your resources better by organising cleaning and maintenance based on need rather than routine.

Environmental impact

Smarter scheduling, lighting, heating, cooling and cleaning reduces energy consumption and water waste.

Smart booking

In offices, let staff book spaces themselves, saving valuable time and making sure all spaces are used appropriately.

Minimal disruption

Our services are designed to retrofit, and can be installed with ease.

Intelligent buildings for people and planet

Monitoring how people use places and spaces is a great way to reduce your environmental impact. It helps you make informed decisions about maintenance, lighting and heating, making tangible resources savings. For example, you may choose to reduce cleaning of less-used areas and install motion-triggered lighting in lightly used spaces – saving energy, water and money.

It’s also a good way to deliver better experiences for the people who use your built environment. If trend analysis shows that particular spaces are very heavily used, you might choose to install booking systems to manage demand, and increase cleaning and regular maintenance.

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