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Food Manufacturing

When you’re in the food business, you need to be confident that your produce and ingredients are safely stored, with maximum efficiency and minimum wastage. Compliance is strict – and your clients and your hard-fought brand integrity deserve only the best. So how can you be completely assured? Turn to Invisible Systems. Smart technology empowers you with temperature, environmental, legionella, energy and even waste monitoring.

Food Manufacturing

Temperature monitoring for food businesses

Forget the days of spoiled stock and time consuming temperature checks. Our complete food temperature monitoring solution offers a digitally verified audit trail from manufacture through cold storage to retail display and sale. Our sensors record the temperatures inside your fridges and cold stores, and monitor the condition of your refrigeration plant and machinery. This frees your valuable staff from performing repetitive temperature recordings, and gives you advance warning of potential mechanical failure. Our clever technology prevents stock loss and business interruption, by giving you advance warning when fridge temperatures are moving out of range, and sending alerts to the relevant staff members.


24/7/365 assurance

Be confident that your products are stored within safe temperature ranges.

No wasted stock

Immediate alerts allow your team to act and prevent stock loss and more importantly, business interruption.

Reduced cost

Predictive maintenance lets you reduce the cost of preventive maintenance rotas, and focus your effort on problem areas.

Early warning

Relevant members of your team will receive e-mail or SMS alerts as soon as set temperature thresholds are breached - preventing any loss of stock.

Automated HACCP & BRC reporting

Our software generates fully HACCP and BRC compliant reports - no more labour intensive human checks, saving time, and reducing errors.

Critical equipment monitoring for the food sector

Don’t lose sleep over fears of broken equipment or production line failure. By combining the very best sensors, communications technology and extensive IoT experience, we have created a service to monitor your critical assets for early ‘distress’ signs. Our monitoring software includes intuitive dashboards to flag potential problems and if desired send alerts and escalations to relevant teams. IoT monitoring lets you reduce your routine maintenance costs by focusing engineering resources where they are needed and not on unneeded servicing. Put simply, we give you the power to avert disasters that could shut down your critical systems – before they ever happen.


Get the whole picture

Our platform allows you to see, easily and simply, the operational condition of all your critical assets and systems.

Avoid outage of key assets

Predict and prevent potential failures by monitoring the performance of your critical assets and reducing the cost of business interruption.

Save money

Reduced the cost of planned maintenance and emergency call-outs, by servicing those machines that are in need.

24/7/365 monitoring

On a scale impossible to deliver manually. The IoT will have you covered, however large or complex your site.

Proven, experienced partner

We work with partners including the National Grid, so you can rely on us.

Energy monitoring for the food sector

Smart energy monitoring means using sensors and meters to collect gas and electricity consumption data, and communicate it wirelessly to the cloud. You can see real-time information or use the historic data for trend analysis – in the level of detail you need – with our user-friendly dashboards.You’ll get the insight you need at your fingertips, fast. What’s more, the service is designed to be easily retro-fitted, which means minimal disruption.


Minimal disruption

Our services are designed to retrofit, and can be installed with ease.

Reports on all utilities

Get the bigger picture with auditable records of electricity and gas usage

Complete clarity

Understand energy consumption in detail – the first step to better management.

Proven, experienced partner

We deliver this service across every sector, from housing to manufacture.

Reduces carbon footprint

Better visibility and cost allocation changes behaviour, leading to reduced energy consumption and less carbon in our atmosphere

Environmental monitoring for the food sector

Environmental monitoring using the Internet of Things empowers educators to manage learning and living spaces to optimise performance and efficiency. Our services can be configured to suit you, with clever technology spanning everything from humidity sensors to CO2 monitors. We’ll carefully select the right sensors for your needs, connect them using the optimal IoT communications technology, then display the information on our user-friendly online platform.


Prolong your estate’s life

By monitoring and maintaining proactively with insightful environmental insights.

Easy record keeping

Let the tech do it for you with automated, digital, compliant logs.

Save money

Identify problematic humidity levels before mould and damage occur, and optimise air conditioning performance.

Increase productivity and wellbeing

Create and maintain the perfect environment to work and learn, with optimised temperature, humidity, light and C02 levels.

Simple installation

We’ll work with you to design a service that can be installed with ease, however complex your needs.

Proven, experienced partner

We deliver this service across every sector, from housing to manufacture.

Waste monitoring for food businesses

Intelligent commercial waste management services help you deliver safer, more efficient waste management for your food business. As well as monitoring and alerting based on bin capacity, our sensors measure temperatures and send alerts if dangerous levels are reached. It’s a simple, effective way to prevent fires and improve public safety. You also get the peace of mind auditable compliance reporting and 24/7/365 alerting if issues arise.


24/7/365 alerts

Our IoT commercial waste management monitoring alert you instantly to critical issues.

Improved efficiency

User-friendly dashboards and alerts when critical levels are reached let you reduce unneeded collections and increase effort in heavily-used areas.

Easy data analysis

Use our intuitive software, analyse current and historic data, to make informed decisions across sites and organisations.

Reliable digital compliance

Auditable digital records that validate and alert on solid and liquid waste (pH, temperature and discharge volume by m3 flow).

Environmentally friendly

Better insight into waste can help you plan and implement reduction strategies, while live data stops wasted journeys.

Proven, experienced partner

We deliver this service across every sector, from housing to manufacture.

Legionella monitoring for the food manufacturing sector

As well as compliant temperature monitoring, Invisible Systems can also solve your legionella monitoring headaches. We empower you to remotely track temperatures in your water system to keep everything within safe levels. A digital record shows when each tap or recording point achieved the compliant temperature. Our software dashboard highlights any non-compliant points and sends alerts wherever you need them by email or SMS.


Automated compliance

Be confident that you meet legionella monitoring requirements for HSG274 Part 2 compliance regulations.

Minimal disruption

Our services are easily installed with minimal disruption, thanks to our wireless monitoring capabilities.

Reduces carbon footprint

No need to waste water or send operatives to different areas of your site for legionella monitoring visits.

No more paper

Let the tech do it for you with an automated, digital Legionella Log

Save cost and effort

No more unneeded site visits or running of taps.

Proven, experienced partner

We deliver this service across every sector, from housing to industry.

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