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Imagine being able to monitor and control your working or living environment at the tap of button – or even automatically. The Internet of Things makes this once-futuristic scenario possible, giving you insight and control across temperature, CO2, humidity, dust, light levels, movement and more.


Environmental monitoring

Invisible Systems will help you to identify the factors you need to monitor and manage. Our service can be configured to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

We’ll carefully select the right sensors for your needs, connect them using the optimal IoT communications technology, then display the information on our user-friendly online platform.


Increase productivity & wellbeing

Create and maintain the perfect environment to work, live or learn, with optimised temperature, humidity, light and C02 levels.

Prolong your building’s life

By monitoring and maintaining it proactively with insightful environmental insights.

Compliance and safety

Be confident that your environment meets safe levels for dust, heat and humidity.

Easy record keeping

Let the tech do it for you with automated, digital, compliant logs

Save money

Identify problematic humidity levels before mould and damage occur, and optimise air conditioning performance.

Simple installation

We’ll work with you to design a service that can be installed with ease, however complex your needs.

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Network Rail
Nottingham Trent University
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United Utilities
University of Exeter

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