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Smart energy monitoring services

Consider how much might you save – in financial and environmental terms – if you could accurately monitor energy use right across your organisation. The improvements you could make. The efficiencies you could introduce. Now, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) Energy Services, all that invaluable information can be at your fingertips, and energy evolution is yours to drive.


Smart energy monitoring services overview

Our innovative IoT smart energy monitoring services provides end-to-end electricity usage monitoring and billing-grade metering. It’s a powerful set of tools for you to use power more efficiently and engage your users in more proactive energy management. By reducing consumption, you save on both cost and carbon.

IoT energy services use sensors and meters to collect gas and electricity consumption data, and communicate it wirelessly to the cloud. You can see real-time information or use the historic data for trend analysis – in the level of detail you please – with our user-friendly dashboards. What’s more, the service is designed to be easily retro-fitted, which means minimal disruption, just the insight you need at your fingertips, fast.


Complete clarity

Understand energy consumption in your buildings, right down to room-by-room detail - the first step to better management.

Re-allocate energy costs

Sub-metering services allow you to divide energy bills between tenants or re-allocate cost between departments.

Reports on all utilities

Get the bigger picture with auditable records of electricity and gas usage.

Reduces carbon footprint

Better visibility and cost allocation changes behaviour - leading to reduced energy consumption and less carbon in our atmosphere.

Proven, experienced partner

We deliver this service across every sector, from housing to manufacture.

Minimal disruption

Our services are designed to retrofit, and can be installed with ease.

Smart energy monitoring services and corporate social responsibility

Remote energy monitoring is an easy, no-risk way to become a greener, more efficient organisation. Gain the insight to change behaviour-resulting in tangible energy and cost savings, which means a lower carbon footprint–CSR win that’s also good for your bottom line.

Make unexplained energy costs and environmentally irresponsible waste a thing of the past – let technology show you the way to a leaner, greener energy model for your organisation.

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