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Critical asset condition monitoring service

There are times when you simply can’t afford to risk a breakdown. Whether maintaining the production line or keeping doors open for business is your priority, we can give you the foresight you need to avoid operational disaster. By deploying the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor your critical assets and alert you to potential problems, you’ll be engineered for success.


Condition monitoring for your critical assets

By combining the very best sensors with the optimum communications technology and our long IoT experience, we have created a service to monitor your critical assets for early ‘distress’ signs, and so help you to avoid any breakdown. Our software has easy intuitive dashboards to flag potential problems and if desired send alerts and escalations to relevant teams. Put simply, we give you the power to avert disasters that could shut down your critical systems – before they ever happen.

IoT monitoring lets you reduce your routine maintenance costs by focusing engineering resources where they are needed and not on unneeded servicing. It also means that your carbon footprint is reduced along with your wasted effort, a real win-win all around.


Avoid outage of key assets

Predict and pre-empt potential failures with trend tracking and up-to-the-minute readings.

Save money

Planned maintenance is more affordable than emergency call-outs, and you can avoid costly down-time.

Immediate ROI

Our service model means you get the benefits of Internet of Things technology without the upfront investment.

24/7/365 monitoring

On a scale impossible to deliver manually. The IoT will have you covered, however large or complex your site.

Proven, experienced partner

We work with partners including the National Grid, so you can rely on us.

Get the whole picture

Our platform allows you to see, easily and simply, the operational condition of all your critical assets and systems.

How is it possible to predict problems before they happen?

The way it works is simple. Temperature, vibration and energy consumption are leading indicators of potential failure. We monitor these and using our extensive experience, can set up an alerts system with you, to ensure key staff are warned well in advance or potential problems.

Our software platform is a user-friendly way to get complete clarity: remotely viewing sites, equipment and the range of conditions. Meanwhile, clever analysis tools within the dashboard use trend analysis to alert you to problems on the horizon, avoiding costly and time-consuming emergency break down repairs, or wasteful routine maintenance rotas.

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