We've compiled a list of frequently asked question to help you learn more about our IoT solutions. If you have any more questions or require further support, please get in touch and an IoT specialist will be happy to help.


What are your backup arrangements?

Data is backed up daily and mirror servers are implemented in case of server hardware failure

What is shared and what is dedicated to each client?

A database can be dedicated to each client if required also an entire virtual server can be dedicated to a customer

Does the GPRS network suffer from bad reception? Such as a lack of signal on a mobile phone?

There is always a risk that you cannot get a GSM/GPRS connection but very rare that we cannot get a network provider with a signal. However, in the future, (3 – 6 months) we will be able to get data to the web via a ‘black box’ that sits on the clients computer network (LAN) utilising their current internet connection.

Where is info stored, what databases and is any of this shared with other clients?

Data is stored in an SQL database per customer and customers can obtain data via the web site or a CSV export can be enabled. There is no method for customers to directly access the database.

Is there some tech arch documents that describes communications, its security and component resilience?

No currently work in process as part of our ISO9001 documentation.

Does your network operate any encryption methods?

Public network access over http is encrypted using SSL Devices connect over a private IPSec VPN and we have our own private APN with the network suppliers.

What security controls do you operate on your network?

Firewalls, Virus Detection, Intrusion detection Encryption of data and emails.

Wireless meters are connected to 3G Gateway. How many meters can be connected to one Gateway.

Up to 200 transmitters can be connected to one gateway, the gateway has a 2mb memory.

Once the meters are connected to gateway, will the data flow via cloud? If yes, then they will have to provide API to fetch data?

Yes we can provide API or push data as a CSV file